Pam Ridgle hails from beautiful East Texas and is a long-time member of the Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA), which was founded by famed bass anglers Secret York and Cheryl Bowden. We recently had the chance to chat with Pam about her experiences in the world of freshwater fishing.

It’s obvious that Pam sees fishing, camping, and spending time in the great outdoors as a way of life. It’s been a big plus in raising her three boys. And it’s been a huge help in developing her family’s relationships. One of her sons is now an avid duck hunter, one a bowhunter, and one loves saltwater fishing. It’s safe to say that the outdoor lifestyle can really pay off in keeping the family together.

We posed three questions to Pam:

How did your love for fishing begin?

“I started fishing when I was a kid. My entire family loved the sport, and our primary entertainment was wetting our hooks in private ponds near our home. I remember my parents would pick me up after school, and we would head to a pond for an evening of fishing.”

“As I grew older and eventually started my own family, I was blessed with a husband who also loved fishing and the outdoors. (He’s the one who has supported and encouraged me to fish with the LBAA.) As we raised our three boys, my love and passion for fishing and the outdoors grew even stronger.”

What is one of your most memorable fishing trips?

“I have many great fishing stories, but probably my most favorite was the year I took my boys on a ‘pre-fishing’ trip. Fishing with the LBAA, we often pre-fish lakes before the tournaments. It was spring break for my boys, and I was able to take them with me for the entire trip. We were fishing Lake Dardanelle near Hot Springs, Arkansas. I had not been on that lake but a couple of times, so I wanted to check it out before the tournament.”

“We hit the jackpot at this particular time of the year. We weren’t familiar with Lake Dardanelle but were still able to catch more than 130 bass over three days. We hooked a fish with virtually every cast! It was mind blowing! My boys are older now, but they still remember that trip and talk about it with their friends all the time.”

What do you think is the secret for getting more women involved in fishing and the great outdoors?

“I love promoting the outdoor life to other women and kids. I believe that if more ladies would just try fishing, they would be hooked. I have taken several young children and women on fishing adventures, and it never fails. There’s something about that tug on your line—big or small—that becomes addictive.”

“One thing we need more of is fishing clubs for women. Competition in a tournament format is really what gets my juices flowing. More sponsorships would also promote the women’s circuit even better. Every day, I try to get more kids and women involved in the fishing experience. It’s been so rewarding in my life, and I know it can be the same for others.”

~By Kent Huffman
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Kent Huffman is the Editor-in-Chief for Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine. Kent is an avid fisherman, hunter, and wildlife conservationist. He also serves his clients as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, specializing in building successful brands, creating unique customer experiences, constructing proprietary “marketing machines,” and driving profitable growth. Kent has won numerous awards and honors from Forbes, Adweek, CEO World Magazine, Brand Quarterly Magazine, Social Media Marketing Magazine, the CMO Club, TCU’s Neeley School of Business, and the World Marketing Congress for his accomplishments as a marketer.