Four Prominent Women to Be Featured as Inaugural Inductees

Mineola, Texas: August 31, 2018—As the first organization to officially establish a Hall of Fame to recognize women and their contributions to hunting, angling, and wildlife conservation, Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine has honored four incredible ladies as its inaugural inductees: Dr. Winifred Kessler, Secret York, Cheryl Bowden, and Becky Humphries.

Judy Huffman, Co-Publisher of Wildlife Enthusiast, said, “People who love to hunt or fish—or just appreciate wildlife and wild spaces—most likely already know these women’s names and possibly even something about their backgrounds. But after reading through their bios, you will immediately understand why they have been selected for this high honor.”

Dr. Winifred Kessler 
Dr. Winifred “Wini” Kessler (retired) was a wildlife ecologist, Certified Wildlife Biologist, and Past President of The Wildlife Society. Currently living in rural British Columbia, Wini’s 40-year career in research, education, and management included faculty positions at the University of Idaho, Utah State University, and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). She also served 21 years with the U.S. Forest Service as an Alaska Regional Ecologist, National Wildlife Ecologist, and Principal Rangeland Ecologist.

Secret York and Cheryl Bowden 
In 2010, two professional female anglers, Cheryl Bowden and Secret York, decided the time was right to create the Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA). The two women knew it would take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but they were determined to make it happen. Secret and Cheryl envisioned an organization that would “provide women with an opportunity to fish professionally, grow the sport of bass fishing, and build a program that will allow future generations of young ladies with more opportunities to compete in the sport of bass fishing.”

Becky Humphries
Currently the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Becky Humphries has an impressive background in hunting and wildlife conservation. Becky previously served the NWTF as Vice President of Conservation and Chief Conservation & Operations Officer. Under her leadership, conservation staff identified habitats across the nation with the most immediate conservation needs, now known as “America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation.” Before joining the NWTF, Becky’s résumé details more than 40 years of experience in wildlife management and conservation.

Detailed bios for all four women are featured in the Hall of Fame section of the Wildlife Enthusiast website.

Huffman added, “Our industry needs more pioneers, innovators, leaders, and role models like these four women. They are making a huge impact on the great outdoors and those who spend time there!”

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