Tarra Stoddard was raised on a hog farm in Dearing, Georgia. A love for the outdoors was instilled into Tarra by living a country lifestyle. Her grandmother started taking Tarra fishing before she could hold a rod. She is now an NRA instructor, and in addition to shooting, Tarra’s favorite pastime is hunting. She also volunteers as the Managing Director for ReelCamo Girl with a focus on mentoring as many women as she can to help them find their passion for the outdoors.

We posed seven questions to Tarra:

Why do you hunt and fish?

“Being outdoors makes the sun rise in my soul. Have you ever watched the sun rise—as in sitting outside in complete darkness and silence for at least an hour before it comes up over the horizon? The colors that softly fade into view from darkness are astonishing. The birds start with soft chirps in sweet tones of harmony. The smell of the clean and crisp earthy air fills your lungs as you breathe in. Then you hear the chatter and see the rustling of squirrels. Pure peace with nature’s entertainment is what I receive each time I hunt.”

When was your first hunting or fishing trip?

“My first fishing experience was with my grandmother. We started fishing together before I could even handle a rod. Grams would always call me over when she hooked a fish to help her reel it in. I didn’t have the patience at that young age to sit and fish. To this day, I still remember the excitement of looking down into the water and reeling up a fish.”

What do you like most about hunting or fishing?

“The interaction with wildlife and nature is a huge draw for me. It’s almost like I fall in love with the world and the natural order of things. I am constantly learning new things, and no outing is ever the same.”

Tarra StoddardWhat’s your most memorable hunting or fishing experience?

“It would definitely be my solo hunt for whitetail in 2018. I experienced a herd of deer stopped in front and around my stand twice on this day. I managed to direct the buck I was hunting to a particular spot, broadside at 30 yards from my tree stand.”

Do you have a favorite wild game or fish recipe?

“Yes, venison enchiladas!”

Do you have a “dream” hunt or fishing excursion?

“It would be a toss up between Africa and Alaska. Either place would offer breathtaking scenery and a variety of animals to hunt.”

What would you say to other women who haven’t yet tried hunting or fishing?

“I would tell them to always try new things more than once for the experience, especially if they appreciate nature or the outdoors. Try either sport with someone you already have a good time with. Even better, if you’re seriously interested in starting to hunt or fish, find a mentor. A great place to start is with ReelCamo Girl. They have a private women’s group on Facebook called “ReelCamo Girl Outdoor Community.” There you can connect with other women online and in your state. The group is a safe place to learn, grow, and share. We are blessed to have multiple women’s outdoor groups to learn from in this day and age.”

~By Kent Huffman
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Kent Huffman is the Editor-in-Chief for Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine. Kent is an avid fisherman, hunter, and wildlife conservationist. He also serves his clients as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, specializing in building successful brands, creating unique customer experiences, constructing proprietary “marketing machines,” and driving profitable growth. Kent has won numerous awards and honors from Forbes, Adweek, CEO World Magazine, Brand Quarterly Magazine, Social Media Marketing Magazine, the CMO Club, TCU’s Neeley School of Business, and the World Marketing Congress for his accomplishments as a marketer.