First Annual East Texas Event Held at Roadrunner Acres RV Ranch Through Partnership with Pond Hopper Nation

Mineola, Texas: November 3, 2018—Through a new partnership with Pond Hopper Nation, Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine sponsored the first annual East Texas “Teach a Child to Fish Day” today. It was held at the fishing pond at Roadrunner Acres RV Ranch near Mineola.

For those parents who have children who love to fish—or those who know a child who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to go fishing, for whatever reason—Pond Hopper Nation is the perfect group to look to for help. The organization’s goal is to bring everyone together to share their knowledge about fishing, to assist youngsters to learn more about the popular recreational sport, and to show them firsthand how to enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, communing with nature.

Albert Talafuse, CEO of Pond Hopper Nation, said, “We are very grateful to Wildlife Enthusiast for agreeing to become our newest Teach a Child to Fish Day sponsor and for providing each of the kids at the East Texas event with free fishing rods and reels, Pond Hopper Nation T-shirts and caps, and backpacks filled with lots of other goodies.”

Wildlife Enthusiast and Pond Hopper Nation share the desire to help young girls and boys experience the joy and excitement of fishing, some for the first time,” said Judy Huffman, Co-Publisher of Wildlife Enthusiast. “We are delighted to have sponsored this first-of-its-kind event in East Texas, and we’re already looking forward to the second annual East Texas event, which will be held at our local fishing pond near Mineola next summer!”

About Pond Hopper Nation
Pond Hopper Nation’s mission is to bring all Pond Hoppers together—from beginners to professionals—to educate, entertain, and share their love and passion for fishing with the world. One of Pond Hopper Nation’s initiatives is hosting several “Teach a Child to Fish Days” for girls and boys all across the country, where the next generation of anglers learns how to fish in a fun, relaxed setting. For more information, visit

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